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jws-hep.21637.fig1.tif1544K Figure S1. Immunoblot demonstrating expression of HCV core-E1 (20 kD), and NS5a (56 kD) proteins after LCL infection with HCV-vaccinia recombinant viruses.Antigen lanes include uninfected cells (B cell lymphoid cell line (LCL)), cells infected with wild type vaccinia virus (vWT), and cells infected with various HCV-vaccinia constructs (rVV1, rVV3, rVV6 (see Figure 1 for map). Anti-HCV poly- and monoclonal antibodies, core (a gift from Chiron), and NS5a (Virostat) respectively were used to visualize the specific HCV bands at the expected locations.
jws-hep.21637.fig2.tif29158K Figure S2: Generation of monocyte derived DCs and characterization of non-adherent cells.Human peripheral blood cells were adhered to plastic, and cultured for 5 days to generate DCs. Flow cytometry analysis was performed on the non-adherent cells as well as the 5 day cultured cells. Phenotypic cell surface stains as illustrated on the X and Y axis.

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