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jws-hep.21691.tif318K Supplementary Figure I. Stable knockdown of PFTK1 in Hep3B by vector-based short hairpin RNA (shRNA) interference (A)Stable knockdown of PFTK1 in 3 clones of pGE1-shPFTK1 cells did not present an effect on cell viability compared to control cells (p>0.6).(B)In wound-healing assay, cells in control experiment showed outgrowth into the open wound after 24h, whereas stably transfected cells showed considerable retardation in cell motility.(C)A significant reduction in the invasive property and chemotactic cell migration was also observed in pGE1-shPFTK1 transfected Hep3B cells (***p<0.0005; **p<0.001; *p<0.05).

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