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jws-hep.21775.tbl1.doc35K Supplementary Table 1:Primer Sequences used for RT-PCR
jws-hep.21775.fig1.tif6208K Supplementary Fig. 1:Albumin and E-cadherin expression in the Thy-1 + and Thy-1- fractions after selection with anti-Thy-1 magnetic microbeads. Immunohistochemical analysis for albumin showed lower albumin expression (red) in Thy-1 + cell fractions ( A & C ) compared to the Thy-1- fetal liver cell fraction ( B & D ). Immunohistochemical analysis for E-cadherin expression (green) showed similar results, as only rare E-cadherin positive cells were detected within the Thy-1 + fetal liver cell fraction ( E ), whereas many E-cadherin positive cells were found in the Thy-1- fraction ( F ). DAPI was used for nuclei staining (blue). Data are shown as merged images. Original magnification x200 ( A, B ) and x900 ( C-F ).
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