Supplementary material for this article can be found on the H EPATOLOGY Web site ( ).

hep22110-SupplTable1.pdf9K Supplemental Table 1:Comparison of methylation status between normal liver at age ≥65 yo and those <65 years of age
hep22110-SupplTable2.pdf10K Supplemental Table 2:Comparison of methylation status between normal liver and HBV-positive non-cancerous liver of HCC patients
hep22110-SupplTable3.pdf11K Supplemental Table 3:Differences in methylation levels at each locus between HCC and corresponding non-cancerous tissues in Group-A and Group-B HCC
hep22110-SupplTable4.pdf13K Supplemental table 4:Comparison of methylation status between HBV-related HCC and virus-negative HCC
hep22110-SupplementalFig.1.pdf413KSuppl Fig 1: Comparison of methylation densities

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