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hep22224-SupplementaryFig1.pdf194KSupplementary Fig 1 : Immune cell infiltration of the human aged liver. A) Liver tissue section from aged liver stained with H&E and B) CD45 exhibits presence of leukocytes in the cell foci observed in the hepatic tissue. (Magnification 10X). Further comparison of CD45 staining between C) aged and D) young livers shows a higher number of CD45 staining immune foci (3.87 vs. 1.25 per 10X magnification field corresponding to an area of 0.602 mm 2 ) as well as singly dispersed leukocytes (51.61 vs. 33.72 cells per 40X magnification fields corresponding to an area of 0.038 mm 2 ) present in the aged livers. (Figs. C, D shown in magnification 20X; N=2). Age groups used for analysis were 25-35 years for young and 60-68 years for aged subjects.
hep22224-SupplementaryTable1.pdf58KSupplementary Table 1- List of primers used for Real Time PCR
hep22224-SupplementaryTable2.pdf7KSupplementary Table 2- Immune cell marker enrichment between non parenchymal and parenchymal fraction
hep22224-SupplementaryTable3.pdf25KSupplementary Table 3Ontological categories changing differentially between old and young livers
hep22224-SupplementaryTable4.pdf54KSupplementary Table 4- Changes in the expression levels of inflammation related genes with age in human liver

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