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hep22294-SupplementaryFigure1.tif5512K Supplementary Fig. 1: Effect of bortezomib on K18-null livers.K18-null (-/-) mice [3 months old (4 mice) and 12 months old (3 mice)] were given bortezomib (Bort) as described in Experimental Procedures followed by double-staining for ubiquitin (green) or K8 (red). Control mice (-Bort) were also similarly stained, and representative images are shown. Note that livers from 3 months old K18-null mice, which rarely possess inclusions under basal condition (A-C), develop scattered inclusions as the mice age (G-I) as shown previously. 21Treatment with bortezomib for 2 weeks results in MDB formation in the young mice (D-F) but the formation of inclusions is far more robust in the older mice (J-L). Arrows highlight the inclusions. Bar=50 microns.
hep22294-SupplementaryTable1.doc44K Supplementary Table 1

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