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hep22381-SupplementaryFigure1Notch-deletion.tif8507KSupplementary Figure 1: AlbCre driven recombination of floxed alleles in embryonicN1N2 F/F AlbCreanimals. (A, B) X-Gal staining of liver sections obtained from E17.5 N1N2F/FRosa26AlbCre embryos. The outlined area in (A) is magnified in (B). (C) PCR with liver DNA isolated from E17.5 and P30 control andN1N2 F/F AlbCreanimals as indicated using recombination-specific primers for deleted Notch1 and Notch2 alleles. Upper panel: PCR detecting Cre recombinase including internal control.
hep22381-SupplementaryFigure2Notch-expression.tif11714KSupplementary Figure 2: Expression profile of Notch1 and Notch2 in livers of mice at P0 and P50. (A-D) Notch1 expression was analyzed by immunofluorescence using liver cryosections from transgenicNotch1-GFPanimals of indicated age using an anti-GFP (green) antibody. At P0 (A, B), Notch1 expression was most prominent in a number of cells with high nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio, most likely cells of the hematopoetic system (arrowheads in B). Notch1-expression could be detected in hepatocytes at P0 (A, B) and P50 (B,C) but was notably absent in biliary epithelial cells. Asterisks in (A), (B), and (D) mark lumina of bile ducts. (E,F) In contrast, X-Gal staining of livers fromNotch2 +/lacZ animals revealed strongest staining of developing bile ducts and ductal plate structures at P0 (E) and of bile ducts at P50 (F). Arrowheads in enlarged insets of (E) and (F) mark X-Gal positive bile ducts and ductal plate structures (E, right lower panel). Scale bar in (A): 25 μm for (A), 50 μm for (C). Scale bar in (E): 50 μm for (E), 200 μm for (F).
hep22381-SupplementaryTables.doc48KSupporting Information file hep22381-SupplementaryTables.doc

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