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HEP_22484_sm_SupplementaryFigure1.tif4128KCD4 expression in liver. (A): a subject with viraemia and (B): a non-viraemic subject. There is strong sinusoidal lining cell CD4 expression in the viraemic patient. There is strong lymphocytic expression in the portal tracts in both the viraemic and non-viraemic patients. Scale bars (100μm).
HEP_22484_sm_SupplementaryFigure2.tif66KProliferative activity of the inflammatory infiltrate by MCM-2 expression. (A): Mcm-2 expression within portal tracts and (B): Mcm-2 expression within hepatic lobules in non-viraemic subjects (n = 12), viraemic HCV (n = 13) and healthy controls (n = 18). Results were analysed with Kruskal-Wallis test with Dunn's multiple comparison test.

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