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Hoeke2008-FigS1.tif755KFigure S1. Opposite effect of 9cRA on CDCA-induced expression of endogenous human BSEP and SHP.
Hoek2008-Fig_S2.tif3075KFigure S2 FXR/RXRα binding to the BSEP-FXRE oligonucleotide is lost upon 9cRA treatment.
Hoek2008-Tab_S1.tif611KTable S1. Oligo's for site-directed mutagenesis of the FXRE in the BSEP promoter and biotin-labeled BSEP-FXRE probe.
Hoek2008-Tab_S2.tif860KTable S2. Q-PCR primer-probe sets used in this study.

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