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HEP_22860_sm_SuppFig1.TIF78KSupporting Fig. 1. The number of liver nodules on the cross-section of fresh left lobe (?ge;3mm). In each group of animals (n±10/group), the HCC tumors were counted on the cross-section of the fresh left lobe according to the predefined criteria (a diameter ?ge;3mm). Data are shown as the means ± SEM. *P < 0.01.
HEP_22860_sm_SuppFig2.TIF78KSupporting Fig. 2. The inhibition of JNK1 by an adenoviral vector encoding dominant negative JNK1 (Ad-dnJnk1) in a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line, Huh7. (A) Huh7 cells were infected with adenoviral vectors encoding dominant negative JNK1 (Ad-dnJnk1) and green fluorescent protein (Ad-GFP) as a control. JNK and phosphorylated c-Jun (p-c-Jun) protein levels were detected by Western blot analyses at 2 days after the Ad-JNK1 or Ad-GFP infection. (B) The proliferation of cells was quantified at 2 days after either Ad-JNK1 or Ad-GFP infection using a cell counting kit (CCK) assay. Data are shown as the means ± SEM of four wells. *P < 0.05.

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