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HEP_22869_sm_SupFig1.tif964KSupporting Figure 1: GFP e×pression and liver injury are present throughout the liver. (A) C57BL6 mice were given an intrahepatic injection of the rAAV2 GFP vector and > 3 weeks later liver tissue was harvested and sections were stained for GFP. (B) C57BL6 mice were given the rAAV2 GFP-SIINFEKL vector plus 5×106 OT-1 cells appro×imately 3 weeks later. Day 3 post OT-1 transfer, harvested liver sections were stained for CD3.
HEP_22869_sm_SupFig2.tif88KSupporting Figure 2: TRAIL e×pression is not changed by loss of TNFR1 signaling. Three days post OT-1 cell transfer TNFR1 -/- (A), WT [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] TNFR1 -/- chimeras (B) and their WT controls had liver mRNA measured for TRAIL e×pression. N.S. not significant. Data are representative, or the sum, of two independent e×periments.

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