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HEP_22891_sm_SupFig1.tif722KSupplementary Figure S1. Structures of norUDCA, tauro-norUDCA and dinorUDCA. Nor-ursodeoxycholic acid (norUDCA) results from side chain-shortening of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) by one methyl group. Side chain shortening of norUDCA by another methyl group results in dinorursodeoxycholic acid (dinorUDCA). Tauro-norursodeoxycholic acid (T-norUDCA) was obtained by taurine-conjugation of norUDCA.
HEP_22891_sm_SupFig2.tif23240KSupplementary Figure S2. NorUDCA is more effective than tauro-norUDCA and dinorUDCA in reducing sclerosing cholangitis and biliary fibrosis in Mdr2-/- mice. Liver histology (H&E staining) in standard chow-fed (Control), norUDCA-fed, tauro-norUDCA-fed (T-norUDCA), and dinorUDCA-fed Mdr2-/- mouse (original magnification 20x). Compared to striking reduction of bile duct injury in norUDCA-treated Mdr2-/- mouse, the effects of tauro-norUDCA are much weaker. DinorUDCA had no influence on large bile duct injury. bd, bile duct; pv, portal vein.
HEP_22891_sm_SupText.doc26KSupplementary Data

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