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HEP_22973_sm_SupFig1.tif195KSupplementary Fig. 1S. The effect of anesthetics on ALT levels. TLR3wt and TLR3−/− mice were i.p. injected with the anesthetics Ketamine/Xylazine at the same conditions used in the PHx experiments (see Materials and Methods). At the noted time points blood was taken and ALT levels in the serum were measured. These data show that in young wt mice (2 and 3 months old) the anesthetics had only a mild effect on ALT serum levels. At the age of 6 months, the wt mice were more sensitive to the anesthetics. At this age, TLR3−/− mice were significantly less sensitive to the anesthetics than TLR3wt mice. Altogether, the entire effect of the anesthetics wore off at 6 hours post injection.

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