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HEP_22980_sm_SupFig1.tif5681KSupporting Figure 1. (A) AMPK signaling in livers Dgat1 and Dgat1 mice fed high-fat diet. Livers were isolated after mice were fasted for 4 hours. AMPK signaling was quantified by western blot analysis using antibodies specific for the phosphorylated forms of AMPK(Thr172) and ACC(S79) (cell signaling). Antibodies specific for LRP (gift from Joachim Herz) and total AMPK were used as loading controls (age 12 weeks, 3 week high-fat diet). (B) Targeting strategy used to generate Dgat1flox/flox mice shows the targeting vector, wild-type allele, Dgat1flox allele, and Dgat1flox allele after Cre-induced recombination. (C) Southern probe on exons 14-17 indicate genotype of wild-type and Dgat1?/flox mice.
HEP_22980_sm_SupFig2.tif5681KSupporting Figure 2. (A) Serum triglycerides and (B) free fatty acid levels in fasted Dgat1 and Dgat1 mice (Age 12 weeks, n = 5 per group).
HEP_22980_sm_SupFig3.tif5681KSupporting Figure 3. (A) Real-time PCR analysis of Fasn, Dgat1 and Dgat2 in livers of mice administered with T0901317 (n=5). (B) Liver mass and (C) hepatic TG in mice administered T0901317. ASO was administered twice per week i.p. at 50 mg/kg. After 4 weeks of treatment with ASO's, mice were treated with 50 mg/kg of T0901317 or sham for 11 days (For all, age 15-16 weeks, n = 5 per group).
HEP_22980_sm_SupTab1.doc58KSupplemental Table 1
HEP_22980_sm_SupplTab2.pdf55KSupplemental Table 2 Primer sequence used for real-time PCR.
HEP_22980_sm_SupData.doc36KSupplemental Data

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