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HEP_23100_sm_SupDoc.doc187KSupplemental Materials and Methods
HEP_23100_sm_SupFig1.tif8760KFigure S1. Pathological changes associated with multistage hepatocarcinogenesis in mice fed CDAA diet. Arrows indicate liver tumors.
HEP_23100_sm_SupFig2.tif5678KFigure S2. A and B. Northern blot analysis of miR-21 and miR-122 in the liver. Total RNA (30 μg) was separated in 15% acrylamide gel denaturing (8M urea) gel, transferred to nylon membrane followed by hybridization to 32P-labeled anti-sense miR-21/122 probes. The signal was developed by autoradiography and quantified using Kodak Imaging software.
HEP_23100_sm_SupFig3.tif4395KFigure S3. Immunohistochemical analysis of C/EBPβ in a HCC and benign liver tissues. Formalin-fixed HCC sections were subjected to immunohistochemistry analysis with anti-C/EBPβ antibody using Ventana Ultraview Universal Red system. C/EBPβ signal is red (green arrow) and the cell body is light blue.

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