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HEP_23163_sm_SuppFig1.tif90KSupporting Fig. 1. The relative HBV mRNA levels in different organs of the male HBV transgenic mice. (A) The level of HBV mRNA transgene in each organ, determined by quantitative RT-PCR (with the HBV primer at HBx region and the GAPDH gene as internal control), is illustrated relative to that of liver tissue (which is set to 100%). (B) The relative contribution of each organ to the serum HBsAg and viral load changes when organ sizes are considered. The relative (total) amount of HBV mRNA generated in each organ, which is derived by multiplying the data from panel (A) (in %) with the weight of each organ (in g), is illustrated relative to that of liver, which is set to 100%. All results are the average of three transgenic mice (mean ± SD).

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