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HEP_23226_sm_SupFig1.tif529KSupporting Fig. 1. Detection of HBV DNA replicative intermediates. (A) Southern blot analysis of HBV DNA intermediates in untreated HBV-infected cells, in rIL-6-treated cells (15 ng/ml) or after preincubation of rIL-6 with IL-6ab (200 ng/ml). rc - relaxed circular HBV DNA, ss –single stranded HBV DNA. (B) Quantification of HBV DNA intermediates by LightCycler PCR. HBV DNA levels were normalized to those for the reference PLAT gene and calculated by LightCyclerTM Relative Quantification software. HBV DNA levels determined in untreated cells were set to 100%. Values are shown as medium ± SD of three independent experiments.
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