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HEP_23463_sm_Supptab1.doc30KSupplementary Table 1. Body, liver and epididymal fat weight and serum biochemistry values in wild-type (n=16), ApoE−/− (n=13) and ApoE−/−/5-LO−/− (n=12) mice.
HEP_23463_sm_Supptab2.doc36KSupplementary Table 2. Body, liver and epididymal fat weight, serum and liver biochemistry values, hepatic steatosis and inflammation and expression of cytokines in liver and adipose tissue samples from wild-type mice after 12 weeks under a Control Diet (11% Kcal from fat) (n=16) or a high-fat diet (HFD, 45% Kcal from fat) (n=10).
HEP_23463_sm_SupptextA.doc45KSupplementary EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES
HEP_23463_sm_SupptextB.doc45KSupplementary EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES

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