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HEP_23479_sm_SupportingFigure1.tif2500KSupporting Figure 1 (A) Whole-liver extracts derived from independent 12 month-old wild-type and Mcl-1Δhep mice were analyzed by immunoblot analysis for the expression of Bcl-xL and Tubulin (loading control). kDa: kilo Dalton. (B) Upper panel: mRNA expression analysis of whole liver homogenates derived from wild-type, Mcl-1flox/wt, and Mcl-1Δhep mice for p53 by qRT-PCR. Boxes represent the average expression level. Standard deviation is indicated by error bars. All values are normalized to GAPDH mRNA expression. Lower panel: Representative tumor section showing no p53 expression. Tumor borders are marked by asterisks. (C) Livers of Mcl-1Δhep mice with tumors were analyzed histologically for the expression of VEGF. Tumor borders are marked by asterisks. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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