HEP_23539_SupportingFigure1A-H.tif1615KSupporting Figure 1. Supporting Figure 1. Immunohistochemical detection of BSEP in the liver of patients with PFIC1, PFIC2 or PFIC?. A. normal human liver; B. Patient PFIC1 n ° 10 (homozygous missense and splice mutations); C. Patient PFIC2 n° 2 (homozygous nonsense mutation); D. Patient PFIC2 n° 12 (homozygous missense mutation); E. Patient PFIC2 n° 30 (heterozygous nonsense mutation); F. Patient PFIC2 n ° 29 (heterozygous missense mutation) ; G. Patient PFIC2 n° 32 )heterozygous missense mutation(; (H) PFIC? n° 9. The livers display normal canalicular staining (A, B), lack of canalicular staining (C, D, E, F and H) and focal positive and negative canalicular staining (G). PFIC?, normal-GGT PFIC of unknown cause. HE staining, original magnification: A-F: 125 ×; G and H: 250 ×.
HEP_23539_SupportingTable1A-C.doc139KSupporting Table 1
HEP_23539_SupportingTable2.doc45KSupporting Table 2
HEP_23539_SupportingTable3.doc67KSupporting Table 3

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