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HEP_23663_sm_SuppFigure1.tif11284KSupporting Information Figure 1. Fn14 expression in primary liver cell isolates. In primary cell isolates from 2-week CDE liver, neither CD68+ macrophages (A-C) nor CD45+ leukocytes in general (D-F) stained for the TWEAK receptor Fn14. However several cells double positive for αSMA and Fn14 were identified (G-I), suggesting that some of the CKpan-/Fn14+ cells present in primary cell isolates could be represented by myofibroblastic hepatic stellate cells.
HEP_23663_sm_SuppFigure2.tif15166KSupporting Information Figure 2. LPC expansion is attenuated in Fn14-deficient animals. Fn14 KO or WT mice were subjected to a CDE diet to induce chronic liver injury. In healthy WT liver, only very few cells of biliary origin stained for CK19 (A, D; CK19 in red, DAPI for nuclear quantitation in blue). After two-week CDE treatment, significantly more CK19+ LPCs proliferated in WT than in Fn14 KO mice (B, C). However, numbers of LPCs in Fn14 KO livers normalised by three weeks on the diet, not differing from the WT response at the 21-day time point (E, F). Quantitation of non-parenchymal E-cadherin+ cells showed the same staining pattern as seen for CK19+ cells in all experimental groups (G-L).

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