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HEP_23915_sm_SuppInfoFig1.tif4576KSFig. 1. In situ hybridization of miR-194 in the liver of 8 weeks old wild-type mice. Red: Cy3; miR-194. Blue: DAPI; nucleus. Arrows indicate the small nuclei, representing non- parenchymal cells, without surrounding miR-194 signals. The big nuclei, representing hepatocytes, are usually positioned in the center of miR-194 signals. The images were obtained with 20 ms exposure for both miR-194 and scrambled control probed sections.
HEP_23915_sm_SuppInfoFig2.tif220KSFig. 2. Quantification of mature miR-194 levels in HepG2 and Hela cells 24 h after the transfection with miR-194 precursors (30 nM) or inhibitors (100 nM).
HEP_23915_sm_SuppInfoTable1.tif211KSupporting Information Table 1
HEP_23915_sm_SuppInfoTable2.tif294KSupporting Information Table 2
HEP_23915_sm_SuppInfo.doc33KSupporting Information

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