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HEP_23943_sm_suppFig-S1.tif93KSupporting Figure S1. Two-stage screen for copy number variants associated with HCC.
HEP_23943_sm_suppFig-S2.tif88KSupporting Figure S2. Two-stage screen for single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with HCC.
HEP_23943_sm_suppFig-S3.tif739KSupporting Figure S3 Single SNP association analysis for Stage 1 samples. -log10 p-values for the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms with liver disease. Chromosomal locations of SNPs are indicated on the horizontal axis.
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S1.doc388KSupporting Table S1
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S2.doc26KSupporting Table S2
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S3.doc71KSupporting Table S3
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S4.doc43KSupporting Table S4
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S5.doc31KSupporting Table S5
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S6.doc47KSupporting Table S6
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S7.doc67KSupporting Table S7
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S8.doc80KSupporting Table S8
HEP_23943_sm_suppTable-S9.doc30KSupporting Table S9
HEP_23943_sm_suppInfo.doc21KSupporting Materials

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