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HEP_23953_sm_suppFig-S1.tif4248KSupporting Figure 1: Cytokine profile and T cell proliferation of AHSC conditioned medium. (A) Cytokine array of AHSC conditioned medium was performed using a Panomics mouse cytokine antibody array kit, with red boxes and red font representing cytokines with positive signals. (B) Dilutions of supernatant from AHSC conditioned medium were made and used to culture CFSE-labeled T cells for 3 days. Proliferation of T cells induced by the soluble factors in the conditioned medium was measured by dilution of CFSE using flow cytometry. Representative data is shown from two independent experiments.
HEP_23953_sm_suppFig-S2.tif4250KSupporting Figure 2: B7 family ligand expression on professional APCs Flow cytometric analysis of B7 family members in splenic dendritic cells (DC), liver DC, and liver Kupffer cells was performed directly ex vivo. Gating strategy for identification of each cell population shown in right panels, after gating on live cells. Staining for B7 family members is shown by the black line histograms; gray histograms represent staining with an isotype control antibody.
HEP_23953_sm_suppInfo.doc36KSupporting Information

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