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HEP_24031_sm_SuppinfoFigure.tif1520KSupporting Figure S. Histopathology of the heart, kidney and testis of symptomatic Bcs1l G/G (G/G) mouse and littermate control (A/A) aged 35 (P35) days. Heart HE: No significant difference between control and mutant. Kidney HE: Normal proximal tubules and widely spaced glomeruli in control, small proximal tubules with luminal material in Bcs1lG/G mouse, glomeruli closely spaced with some distal tubules in between. Testis HE: normal control with Leydig cells (arrow) between seminiferous tubules with spermatogenesis. Bcs1lG/G mouse lacking Leydig cells and showing weaker spermatogenesis.

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