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HEP_24111_sm_suppinfofig1-2.tif9088KSupporting Figure 1. Regulation of p53 expression. Western blot analysis of the p53 regulatory proteins at 24 and 48 hours post-PHx demonstrates significant depression of MDM2 in β2SP+/- mice at 48 hours and no change in PTEN expression. Supporting Figure 2. TUNEL assay for regenerating liver tissue. No evidence of TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells was noted. Representative samples from wild-type and β2SP+/- mouse livers are demonstrated from 48 hours post-PHx.
HEP_24111_sm_suppinfofig3-4.tif9088KSupporting Figure 3. Immunostaining of pRb (Ser249/Thr252), PCNA, and pH3 (Ser10) of untreated wild-type and β2SP+/- mice. Supporting Figure 4. FACS assay showed normal cell cycle profile in wild type (WT) hepatocytes, while β2SPshRNA (Mut)-transfected hepatocytes showed G2/M arrest at 0 hour and 24 hours after extraction.
HEP_24111_sm_suppinfotab1.doc50KSupporting table 1. List of Antibodies (Abs), shRNA and siRNA.
HEP_24111_sm_suppinfotab2.doc48KSupporting table 2. Expression of cell cycle proteins at different time points after PHx in wild type and β2SP+/- mouse livers.
HEP_24111_sm_suppinfotab3.doc1754KSupporting table 3. Microarray data at 48 hrs after PHx in wild type and β2SP+/- mouse livers.

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