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HEP_24155_sm_suppinfo.doc47KSupporting Information
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfofig1.tif2216KSupporting Fig. 1. Med1 deficiency increases glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. (A-B) Glucose tolerance test (GTT) for Med1fl/fl and Med1ΔLiv after 1 month (A), and 4 months (B) of high fat diet (HFD) feeding (60% kcal fat). (C) Insulin tolerance test (ITT) for Med1fl/fl and Med1ΔLiv after 1 month of HFD treatment. *P<0.05; ** P<0.01 (D) Body weight gain of Med1fl/fl and Med1ΔLiv after 0, 1 and 4 months of HFD feeding.
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfofig2.tif9682KSupporting Fig. 2. Nuclear immunohistochemical localization of PPAR? is noticeably detected in Med1f/fl and MedΔLiv mouse liver after 5 days of Ad/ PPAR? adenofection. (Left and middle panels) Positive staining of hepatocyte nuclei in overexpressed PPAR? Med1f/fl and MedΔLiv mouse livers respectively. And (right panel) basal nuclear staining in uninjected Med1f/fl control mice.
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfofig3.tif9811KSupporting Fig. 3. Transcription coactivators SRC-1, PRIC285, PRIP, and PIMT are not necessary for PPAR? stimulated adipogenic steatosis in liver. (A) Gross photographs, H&E and Oil Red O staining for SRC−1+/+, SRC-1−/−, PRIC285fl/fl, PRIC285-/-, PRIPfl/fl, PRIPΔLiv, PIMTfl/fl and PIMTΔLiv mouse livers 5 days after Ad/LacZ or Ad/PPAR? injection and their uninjected corresponding controls. (B-E) Liver/body weight ratio of SRC−1+/+, SRC-1−/− (B), PRIC285fl/fl, PRIC285-/- (C), PRIPfl/fl, PRIPΔLiv (D), and PIMTfl/fl, PIMTΔLiv (E) mice 5 days post injection of Ad/LacZ or Ad/PPAR? (n=5), compared to their corresponding controls without injection. SRC-1−/− and PRIC285-/- represent germ line deletion, and PRIPΔLiv and PIMTΔLiv represent liver specific deletion.
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfofig4.tif2044KSupporting Fig. 4. PPAR? stimulated adipogenic gene expression in liver is unaffected by SRC-1, PRIC285, PRIP and PIMT deficiency. Expression of lipogenesis related genes in SRC−1+/+ (lanes 1-3), SRC-1−/− (lanes 4-6), PRIC285fl/fl (lanes7-9), PRIC285-/- (lanes 10-12), PRIPfl/fl (lanes 13-15), PRIPΔLiv (lanes 16-18), PIMTfl/fl (lanes 19-21) and PIMTΔLiv (lanes 22-24) mice uninjected (-), or following injection with Ad/LacZ (+) or Ad/PPAR? (+). Total RNa from 3 mice aged 5 weeks were pooled for Northern blot analysis. Names of the probes used are indicated on the right of the blot. 28S and 18S used as loading control.
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfotable1.doc277KSupporting Table 1. Genes up-regulated 4-fold or greater in MED1fl/fl mouse livers after Ad/PPARγ stimulation but not in MEDΔLiv mouse livers
HEP_24155_sm_suppinfotable2.doc30KSupporting Table 2. Specific Primers for Q-PCR

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