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HEP_24249_sm_suppinfofig1.tif148KSupporting Figure 1. Upregulation of CTLA-4 in responses to CMV and EBV in patients with CHB compared to healthy controls. Cumulative data of CTLA-4 expression in virus-specific CD8 T cells in CHB and healthy controls after 10 days culture and restimulation with HLA-A2 restricted immunodominant peptides derived from CMV or EBV, or OLP spanning the CMV pp65 protein.
HEP_24249_sm_suppinfofig2.tif133KSupporting Figure 2. CD4 T cells in CHB have an increased propensity to upregulate CTLA-4 compared to those from healthy controls. Cumulative data showing intracellular CTLA-4 after mitogenic stimulation in CD4 T cells from healthy controls and HBV infected individuals with low and high viral load (VL).
HEP_24249_sm_suppinfofig3.tif111KSupporting Figure 3. The propensity to upregulate CTLA-4 correlates with sAg levels in CHB patients. HBV multimer+ cells are stimulated with cognate peptide stained for intracellular CTLA-4.
HEP_24249_sm_suppinfofig4.tif293KSupporting Figure 4. No reduction of CTLA-4 and Bim in HBV-specific CD8 T cells upon viral load reduction with potent antivirals. Individual data for patients followed pre and 13-18 months after starting antivirals, showing no significant sustained changes in HBV-specific CD8 frequency or levels of Bim and CTLA-4 in these cells.

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