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HEP_24317_sm_suppinfoFig1.tif812KLiver sections stained for Prohibitin as a marker of mitochondrial stability and function and are localized in the mitochondrial and associated with cell proliferation. Sections were processed as described in Methods and stained using an anti-prohibitin antibody (R&D). Briefly, tissues were harvested 24 hr after 70% partial hepatectomy. Animals (n=4/group) were treated with CO (1 hr pretreatment at 250 ppm) or Air as control. Note little to no positive staining in livers from Naïve or Air-treated, hepatectomized mice compared to the greater amount of prohibitin-positive cells in the livers from CO treated, hepatectomized mice. Arrows indicate positively-stained cells. Naïve is 20× and Air and CO are 40× magnification. Images are representative of 10 fields of view from 4 mice/group. Bar = 20μm.
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