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HEP_24341_sm_suppinfotable1.doc140KSupporting Information
HEP_24341_sm_suppinfofig1.tif120KSupporting Figure 1. Long term but not short term HFD-induced steatohepatitis is associated with increased liver TNFα. C57/Bl6 mice were fed with high fat diet (HFD) or control diet for 4 weeks or 9 months. Liver mRNA of TNFα was determined by qPCR. N=6 mice/group, (*) indicates p<0.05 vs. corresponding control group.
HEP_24341_sm_suppinfofig2.tif302KSupporting Figure 2. Fatty liver due to leptin deficiency is not associated with inflammasome activation. Liver mRNA of NALP3 inflammasome complex including NALP3 (A), pro-caspase-1 (C), ASC (B), pannexin-1 (D) and IL-1β (E) was determined in leptin deficient (B6.V-Lep ob/J ; ob/ob) and C57/Bl6J control mice. Functional activity of the inflammasome was evaluated by measuring liver mature IL-1β protein levels (F). All the experiments were repeated after 2h LPS challenge (i.p. (A-F).) N=5 mice/group, (*) indicates p<0.05 vs. corresponding control group.
HEP_24341_sm_suppinfofig3.tif119KSupporting Figure 3. Purity of primary hepatocytes. The purity of the primary hepatocyte isolates was confirmed by measuring mRNA expression of inflammatory cell markers: CD11b (monocytes, macrophages), F4/80 (macrophages), CD11c (dendritic cells), GFAP (stellate cells) and albumin as a hepatocye marker; liver mononuclear cells and total liver were used as controls.

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