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HEP_24367_sm_suppinfotable1.doc31KSupporting Information
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig1.tif118KSupporting Figure 1. Targeting PV to mitochondria does not induce cell proliferation. Control SKHep1 cells and cells transfected with MITO-GFP or PV MITO GFP were treated for 6 hours with or without 300 nM STA. Expression of PV in mitochondria did not alter cell proliferation. STA treatment induced cell death in 20.6±6.2% of MITO-GFP cells. Under the same conditions, PV expression prevented cell death, although it did not induce cell proliferation. Results represent the mean±S.E.M. of 3 separate experiments.
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig2.tif1403KSupporting Figure 2. Targeting PV expression in rat liver. Three sequential planes of an intravital confocal Z-stack (160 μM in 2 μM increments) of a rat hepatic lobule 2 days after tail vein injection of Ad-PV-MITO-GFP. PV is shown in green.
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig3.tif471KSupporting Figure 3. Intravital confocal images of rat hepatic lobule and intestine. Upper panels show representative intravital confocal images of the liver of a rat 2 days after tail vein injection of saline solution. No fluorescence was observed in the liver under the same confocal settings used to capture images from livers expressing PV-GFP. Lower panels show representative confocal images of intestine of an Ad-PV-MITO-GFP- injected rat (3 × 109 pfu/kg), indicating absence of PV expression (green) in this organ.
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig4.tif4127KSupporting Figure 4. Evaluation of inflammatory infiltrate during liver regeneration. A. MPO activity was used to evaluate neutrophil infiltration in sham, PH or PH + Ad-PV-MITO livers. Inflammation was similarly increased at day 1 in PH and PH + Ad-PV-MITO relative to sham (p<0.02 by one-way ANOVA) but returned to control levels after day 2 post-surgery. B. Representative hematoxylin-eosin staining shows similar liver architecture with minimal inflammatory infiltrate in both PH and PH + Ad-PV-MITO during 3 days of liver regeneration.
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig5.tif1257KSupporting Figure 5. Liver morphology after PH. A. Liver body weight index 7 days after PH demonstrates no difference in liver mass between sham-operated and animals subjected to PH with or with injection of Ad-PV-MITO-GFP. B. Hematoxylin-eosin staining of representative liver sections from sham-operated rats, rats after PH, and rats infected with Ad-PV-MITO-GFP one day prior to PH. Analysis was performed 7 days after PH. No identifiable morphological alteration was observed among the livers (n=3 rats per condition).
HEP_24367_sm_suppinfofig6.tif147KSupporting Figure 6. Liver function. A-F. Serum albumin, bilirubin, AST, ALT, and ALP were evaluated in samples from sham operated rats, rats after PH, and rats infected with Ad-PV MITO-GFP. There were no significant changes in any of the biochemical parameters among the groups (n=3 experiments).

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