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HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig1.eps4811KSupporting Figure 1: Risk of bias summary of included studies. Red circle represent not done or inadequate; yellow circle, unclear; green circle, performed and adequate.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig2.eps4467KSupporting Figure 2: Forest plot of acute rejection rate stratified by time of measurement.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig3.eps4436KSupporting Figure 3: Forest plot of acute rejection rate stratified by type of IL-2Ra.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig4.eps979KSupporting Figure 4: Funnel plot of studies stratified by type of IL2-Ra used. Red circles represent studies that used daclizumab; green circles represent studies that used basiliximab.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig5.eps979KSupporting Figure 5: Funnel plot of studies stratified by requirement for protocol biopsies. Red circles represent studies with protocol biopsies (treated and untreated acute rejection); green circles represent studies without protocol biopsies (only treated acute rejection).
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfofig6.eps811KSupporting Figure 6: Funnel plot of included studies and studies augmented by trim-and fill method. Closed circles represent included studies; open circles represent augmented studies.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfotab1.doc35KSupporting Table 1: Overview of immunosuppressive medication. Abbr.: Cya, cyclosporine A; Dac, daclizumab; iop, intra-operatively; na, not applicable because not administered in this study; ns, applicable because administered but details not stated; POD, post-operative day; Tac, tacrolimus; tl, trough level.
HEP_24385_sm_suppinfotab2.doc31KSupporting Table 2: Overall rejection rate of included trials and overview of potential confounders. Triggers for taking biopsies were clinical (biopsy taken only when acute rejection was suspected on clinical grounds) or protocol (biopsies taken at predifined time points). Hence, studies taking biopsies onl y on clinical grounds reported only treated acute rejection, whereas studies with protocoll biopsies reported treated and untreated acute rejection. Abbr.: AR, acute rejection; ns, not stated.

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