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HEP_24396_sm_suppinfofig1.tif2827KSupporting Figure 1. There are no measureable differences between control morpholino injection and uninjected larva. A. Embryo and larval morphology and survival (not shown) are the same in uninjected (top) and control morpholino injected (bottom). Live images are shown. Scale bar = 1 mm. B. Liver size, shape and steatosis is the same in 5 dpf uninjected Tg(fabp10:dsRed) larvae and those injected with the control morpholino. Steatosis was scored based on oil red O staining in 3 clutches. C. UPR and Srebp target gene expression is not affected by control morpholino injection. qPCR analysis of 5 dpf control morphants compared to uninjected controls is plotted as the average fold change from 3 experiments with bars showing the standard deviation.
HEP_24396_sm_suppinfofig2.tif5568KSupporting Figure 2. Srebp2 target genes are upregulated in atf6 morphants. atf6 morphants were collected as whole larvae or the liver was dissected on 5 dpf and analyzed using qPCR. The ΔCt (normalized to rpp0) calculated for each clutch was plotted as an individual dot, with the mean indicated by the horizontal bar. * indicates p<0.05; ** indicates p< 0.005 by students t-test.
HEP_24396_sm_suppinfotab1.doc96KSupporting Information Table 1.

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