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HEP_24502_sm_suppinfotable1and2.doc37KSupporting Information Table 1 and 2. Supporting Information Table 1. Primer sequences for cloning and quantitative real-time PCR. and Supporting Information Table 2. Sequences of 20 bp DNA duplexes used in histone H1 modification assays.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfotable3.doc43KSupporting Information Table 3. Relative PARP1 mRNA expression in paired tumor and non-tumor samples.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure1.tif1200KSupporting Information Figure 1.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure2.tif202KSupporting Information Figure 2.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure3.tif137KSupporting Information Figure 3.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure4.tif823KSupporting Information Figure 4.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure5.tif223KSupporting Information Figure 5.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure6.tif720KSupporting Information Figure 6.
HEP_24502_sm_suppinfofigure7.tif2145KSupporting Information Figure 7.

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