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HEP_24504_sm_suppinfofig1.tif1333KSupplementary Figure 1. Protein expression in isolated vesicles. PLC/PRF/5 derived particles were conjugated with 4 μm-aldehyde/sulfate latex beads (Invitrogen) washed with PBS containing 1% bovine serum albumin and stained with primary antibodies against CD63, COX-IV, Calnexin, PMP70 (red) or iso-type controls (black) followed by FITC- or PE-labeled secondary antibodies and analysis using an Accuri C6 flow cytometer (Accuri Cytometers).
HEP_24504_sm_suppinfofig2.tif817KSupplementary Figure 2. RNA within CNP is resistant to RNase degradation. CNPs were isolated from Hep3B cells, resupended in PBS, and separated into three aliquots. For the first two aliquots, RNA was isolated after incubation of CNP with either 100 μg/ml of RNase A or diluent control. For the third aliquot, total RNA was first isolated, then incubated with 100 μg/ml of RNase A. The RNA was then analyzed using a NanoDrop ND-1000 spectrophotometer. A. The bars indicate the mean ± SEM for the yield of RNA / μg of CNPs from three independent experiments*, p < 0.05. (B) Representative absorbance curves of RNA obtained from each of the three aliquots.
HEP_24504_sm_suppinfo.doc22KSupporting Information
HEP_24504_sm_suppinfotable1.xls42KSupporting Information Table 1.
HEP_24504_sm_suppinfotable2.xls41KSupporting Information Table 2.

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