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HEP_24608_sm_SuppFig1.tif2314KSupporting Figure 1. LX2 cells expressing the AzI SNP minigene displayed a 1.37-fold increase (P = 0.05) in AzI splice variant 8 (AzI SV8) mRNA relative to cells expressing the WT minigene.
HEP_24608_sm_SuppTable1.doc28KSupporting Table 1. Only AZIN1 SV1, SV2 & SV7 were reliably detectible in PBMC mRNA. When expression was normalized to total AZIN1 expression, there was only a significant difference in AZIN1 SV2 expression in the presence of the fibrosis-protective polymorphism.
HEP_24608_sm_SuppTable2.doc29KSupporting Table 2. To evaluate a possible confounding gender bias in our analysis of AZIN1 SV2 expression in PBMCs from healthy donors, we sought a statistical difference in expression of SV2 between males and females. However, there was no statistical evidence to suggest that SV2 expression is influenced by gender.

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