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HEP_24758_sm_SuppFig1.tif5368KSupporting Information Figure 1. Low cell proliferation rates and absence of significant cell death are observed in HBV/HDV infected human hepatocytes. Double staining using PCNA and human-specific CK-18 antibodies was performed to visualize human hepatocytes (pink) undergoing cell division (dark nuclei, indicated by arrows) in mice sacrificed either after 4 weeks (A) or 8 weeks (B) of co-infection. C, No signs of cell death were determined in human hepatocytes in the liver of mice sacrificed after 8 weeks of HBV/HDV infection using the TUNEL assay (green nuclei) and human specific CK18 staining (red cells). Nuclei were labelled with DAPI (blue) to identify individual cells; D, TUNEL positive control was obtained by treating serial frozen liver section from the same mouse used in C with DNAse I.
HEP_24758_sm_SuppInfo.doc26KSupporting Information

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