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HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab1.doc23KAppendix Table A1. Criteria for Including a Survey in the Meta-Analysis
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab2.doc33KAppendix Table A2. Scale for Assessment of Methodology Quality
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab3.doc163KAppendix Table A3. Results of Systematic Review: HBsAg Seroprevalence Articles Identified in PubMed (1980–2010) by Country
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab4.doc169KAppendix Table A4. Surveys Included in Meta-Analyses by Country: Total Sample Number and Sample Composition by Sex, Date, and Location
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab5.doc148KAppendix Table A5. Heterogeneity Tests for Random Effects Meta-Analyses by Country
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab6.doc213KAppendix Table A6. Comparison of CHB Pooled Prevalence Rates in Emigrants and in General Populations for All Countries
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab7.doc250KAppendix Table A7. Comparison of RE CHB Pooled Prevalence Rates by Decade of Survey for All Countries
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab8.doc225KAppendix Table A8. Sex-Specific CHB Pooled Prevalence Rates by Country
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab9.doc434KAppendix Table A9a. CHB Pooled Prevalence Rates and Prevalence of Foreign-Born with CHB Living in the U.S. in 2009 by Country of Origin and Decade of Arrival
HEP_24804_sm_SuppTab10.doc52KAppendix Table A10. Comparison of Country-Specific HBsAg Rates from RE Meta-Analyses with Rates Reported in CDC Studies of Refugees to the U.S.

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