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HEP_25594_sm_SuppFig1.tif7015KSupplemental Fig. 1. Effect of silencing C/EBPβ on MAT2A expression . A. RSG-treated BSC cells were transfected with an siRNA against C/EBPβ or a negative control siRNA as described in “Experimental procedures”. Total RNA was assessed by real-time PCR for the expression of C/EBPβ or MAT2A. Results represent mean ± S.E. from three experiments in duplicates. *P<0.005, **p<0.05 vs. negative control siRNA. B. Total protein was subjected to western blotting with antibodies against C/EBPβ and MAT2A. Representative images and densitometric analysis (mean ± S.E.) from three experiments in duplicates is shown. **p<0.05 vs. negative control siRNA. C. C/EBPβ knockdown was performed in RSG-treated BSC cells followed by transfection with the MAT2A promoter or pGL3-Basic vector. The luciferase activity in C/EBPβ knockdown cells was normalized to that of pGL3-basic and expressed as a fold of negative control siRNA. Results represent mean ± S.E. from four experiments in duplicates, **p<0.05 vs. negative control siRNA.
HEP_25594_sm_SuppTab1.doc31KSUPPLEMENTAL TABLE I. Primers used to generate PPRE deletion mutants of the rat MAT2A promoter.
HEP_25594_sm_SuppTab2.doc30KSUPPLEMENTAL TABLE II. Sequence of PPRE probes for EMSA analysis.

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