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HEP_25821_sm_SuppFig1.tif4732KSupporting Information Figure 1: HCV-infected patients with MC display reduced numbers of CD19+ B cells, mature B cells and naïve mature B cells in the peripheral blood. (A-B) White blood cell (WBC) and total lymphocyte count in the blood. (C-F) Number of CD19+ B cells (C), mature B cells (D), naïve mature B cells (E) and activated B cells (F) per microliter blood in HCV-infected patients with and without MC and HBV-infected patients. Data were not available from healthy blood donors because differential blood counts are not performed under the protocol for research blood donations from healthy controls. B cell populations were identified based on markers described in Fig. 1. Results represent mean ± S.E.M. * indicates p<0.05, *** p<0.001.

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