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  1. PNPLA3 variants specifically confer increased risk for histologic nonalcoholic fatty liver disease but not metabolic disease Volume 52, Issue 3, 904–912, Article first published online: 18 May 2010

In the article titled “PNPLA3 variants specifically confer increased risk of histologic fatty liver disease but not metabolic disease” (HEPATOLOGY 2010, volume 52, issue 3, pages 904-912; DOI:10.1002/hep.23768), Table 1 contains a misprint in the name of two SNPs in Table 1. The SNPs rs1597086 and rs1591741 should actually be labeled rs11597086 and rs11591741, respectfully. The revised table is reproduced in its entirety below:

Table 1. Association of SNPs With Histologic Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD)
Nearby GeneSNPChr/PositionEffect/Other AlleleEffect Freq Cases NASH CRNEffect Freq Controls MIGenDirection original effectDirection SameHistologic NAFLD (n = 592)
Odds Ratio (95% CI)Pval
  • Nearby gene, gene nearest SNP used in analyses; Chr/Position, the chromosome and position (in NCBI Build 36) of SNP used in analyses; Effect allele, the allele for which the Odds Ratio is reported; Other allele, the non-effect allele at the SNP locus; Effect Freq Cases, frequency of the effect allele in NASH cases; Effect Freq Controls, frequency of the effect allele in controls; 95%CI, lower and upper 95% confidence intervals for the odds ratio; Pval, P-value for association; Direction of effect, direction relative to original association with increases steatosis or LFTs.

  • **Results imputed using IMPUTE and analyzed using SNPTest.

  • *

    Alternate correlated SNPs were used (r2 to rsll597390 shown in parentheses).

  • Abbreviations: OR, odds ratio; AIKPhos, alkaline phosphatase; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; GGT, gamma glutamyl transpeptide.

PNPLA3rs73840922/42656060G/C0.500.22G increase steatosisyes3.26 (2.11-7.21)3.60E-43
PNPLA3rs229491822/42673449A/G0.260.42G increase steatosisyes0.49 (0.33-0.66)2.00E-16
PNPLA3rs228113522/42663903A/G0.360.18T increase ALTyes2.43 (2.26 - 2.60)1.67E-24
CPN1rs7068215* (r2 = 0.889)10/101849860G/A0.380.40G increase ALTno0.87 (0.77-1.00)6.76E-02
CPN1rs2862990* (r2 = 0.82)10/101866354T/C0.400.39T increase ALTyes1 (0.87-1.18)9.72E-01
CPN1rs1159708610/101943695C/A0.400.41C increase ALTno0.96 (0.84-1.12)5.71E-01
CPN1rs1159174110/101966491C/G0.410.41C increase ALTyes0.97 (0.82-1.12)6.98E-01
ABOrs6571529/135129086A/C0.350.40G increase ALPyes0.82 (0.67-0.97)9.12E-03
GPLD1rs94671606/24549725A/G0.290.25A increase ALPyes1.07 (0.90-1.23)4.50E-01
JMJD1Crs1235578410/64791571A/C0.500.48A increase ALPyes1 (0.84-1.15)9.54E-01
GGT1rs4820S9922/23320213G/A0.300.28G increase GGTyes1.12 (0.94 -1.37)1.83E-01
HNF1Ars225981612/119919970T/G0.390.36A increase GGTyes1.19 (1.00 -1.45)2.79E-02

The Publisher regrets the error.