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HEP_25900_sm_SuppFig1.tif1205KSupporting Information Figure 1.
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HEP_25900_sm_SuppFig4.tif7308KSupporting Information Figure 4.
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HEP_25900_sm_SuppFig12.tif620KSupporting Information Figure 12.
HEP_25900_sm_SuppFig13.tif411KSupporting Information Figure 13.
HEP_25900_sm_SuppFig14.tif310KSupporting Information Figure 14.
HEP_25900_sm_SuppTab1.doc48KSupporting Information Table 1. A. Expression of Nox4, Bim and Socs2 genes in STAT5f/f and STAT5f/f;Alb-Cre liver tissue.
HEP_25900_sm_SuppTab2.doc42KSupporting Information Table 2. Expression of Nox4, Puma and Socs2 genes in Stat5+/+ and Stat5-/- MEFs.

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