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HEP_25938_sm_SuppFig1.TIF2555KSupplementary Fig.1 Enhanced liver fibrosis and inflammation after bile duct ligation in SOD1mu mice are suppressed by inhibition of NOX1/4 with GKT137831. Livers from WT or SOD1mu mice were analyzed at 21 days after bile duct ligation or sham operation (n=5). From the11th day after operation, mice were treated daily with NOX1/4 inhibitor or vehicle. (A) Fibrillar collagen deposition was evaluated by sirius red staining (original magnification /40), and (B) its quantification is shown. (C) The expression of α-SMA in the liver was detected by immunohistochemistry staining (original magnification /100). (D) Serum ALT levels were measured. (E) Hepatic expression of collagen a1(I) and TGF-β mRNA was measured by quantitative real-time PCR. NI: NOX1/4 inhibitor. *P<0.05
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