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HEP_26016_sm_SuppFig1.tif1866KSupplementary Figure 1. Monocyte subset isolation. Monocyte subsets were isolated using the CD16+ monocyte isolation kit and CD14 microbeads from Miltenyi Biotec. Figure shows representative flow cytometry quadrants of monocytes based on CD14 and CD16 expression, after each step of the monocyte subset isolation procedure. (A) Total PBMCs were collected after Lympholyte purification and were stained for monocyte markers. (B) NK cells and granulocytes were depleted by magnetic separation and (C) CD16+ beads were used for positive selection of CD16+ monocytes. (C.a) The non-magnetically labelled cells were >90% CD14+ and (C.b) CD16+ monocytes were >94% positive. (D) An additional step to select CD14+ monocytes was included which resulted in (D.a) >95% CD14++CD16- classical monocytes and (D.b) a total CD14+CD16+ population (>92% positive) that included both intermediate CD14++CD16+ and non-classical CD14+CD16++ monocytes.
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