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HEP_26084_sm_SuppFig1.tif478KSupporting Information Figure 1. FISH was performed using a rat Y chromosome probe in a liver section of a positive control (male) (A), negative control (female) (B), and the cells derived from transplanted CD44+ cells (C, D). White arrowheads show Y chromosome-positive cells.
HEP_26084_sm_SuppFig2.tif771KSupporting Information Figure 2. Phase-contrast photos of every colony were taken and qPCR was performed for each colony. The gene expression patterns of the colonies were divided into roughly 2 groups by the intensity of CD44 expression. Compared to the cells in CD44low colonies (#1-4), those in CD44high colonies (#5-8) showed not only relatively high expression of albumin and HNF4??????? but also suppression of CK19 expression.
HEP_26084_sm_SuppFig3.tif52KSupporting Information Figure 3. To induce the maturation of cells in Thy1-derived colonies, the cells were treated with Matrigel®. The gene expression patterns of Thy1, CD44, HNF4α and CK19 were analyzed (A). The content of albumin secreted to the medium was measured by ELISA (B). Asterisks show significant differences: p<0.01
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