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HEP_26104_sm_SuppFig1.tif19531KSupporting Information Figure 1. Relationship of oval cell proliferations to small hepatocyte-like progenitor cell (SHPC) clusters. (A1-A4) Double immunofluorescence stainings for CK-19 (green)/laminin (red) (A1,A3) and OV6 (green)/C/EBP-α (red) (A2,A4) in serial liver sections are shown in single color and merged images. Oval cell proliferations are CK-19(+), surrounded by laminin (A1, arrows), and OV-6(+)/C/EBP-α(-) (A2, arrows). They extend from periportal areas into the SHPC cluster with progressively weaker staining for CK-19 and laminin (A3, arrows), and appearance of faint C/EBP-α expression in OV-6(+) ductular cells (A4, arrows). Intermediate transitional cells (long arrows) with CK-19(+)/laminin(-) and OV-6(+)/C/EBP-α(+) can be found in the SHPC cluster (A4).

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