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HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig1.tif2441KSupporting Information Figure 1.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig2.tif6728KSupporting Information Figure 2.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig3.tif16858KSupporting Information Figure 3.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig4.tif4678KSupporting Information Figure 4.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig5.tif21082KSupporting Information Figure 5.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig6.tif847KSupporting Information Figure 6.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig7.tif996KSupporting Information Figure 7.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig8.tif727KSupporting Information Figure 8.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppFig9.tif303KSupporting Information Figure 9.
HEP_26252_sm_SuppTab1.doc29KSupporting Information Table 1. Novel miRNAs identified by deep sequencing
HEP_26252_sm_SuppTab2.doc903KSupporting Information Table 2. Expressions of miRNA in three libraries
HEP_26252_sm_SuppInfo.doc79KSupporting Information

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