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hep26414-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif297KSupporting Information Figure 1.
hep26414-sup-0002-suppfig2.tif331KSupporting Information Figure 2.
hep26414-sup-0004-supptab1.doc117KSupporting Table 1. Proteins that discriminated fresh human adult hepatocytes, fetal hepatocytes or HepG2 cells.
hep26414-sup-0005-supptab2.doc75KSupporting Table 2. Proteins that discriminated different culture conditions.
hep26414-sup-0006-suppdata1.xlsx1976KSupporting Information Data Set 1.
hep26414-sup-0007-suppdata2.xlsx634KSupporting Information Data Set 2.
hep26414-sup-0008-suppdata3.xlsx56KSupporting Information Data Set 3.
hep26414-sup-0009-suppdata4.xlsx279KSupporting Information Data Set 4.
hep26414-sup-0010-suppcap.doc22KSupporting Information Caption
hep26414-sup-0011-suppinfo.doc258KSupporting Information

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