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Supporting Tables 1A and 1B: Association of specific HLA-B alleles with Tapasin G (A) and Tapasin C alleles (B). Alleles with aspartate at residue 114 are shown in bold type. P values were determined using Fisher's exact test.

Supporting Table 2: A comparison of HLA allelelic frequencies between the UK (n = 420) and US (n = 249) cohorts. The difference in overall allelic frequencies between the two populations was calculated using the Chi-square test, and the p values are shown in parentheses.

Supporting Table 3: The association of tapasin genotype with outcome of HCV infection in the USA cohort stratified by possession of protective KIR ligands ie 2 group 1 HLA-C alleles (HLA-C1C1). In all table the numbers in each group are shown with the percentages in brackets. For the Tapasin genotype the denominator is “n” and for the HLA-B114D analysis the denominator is “2n”. P values were determined using Fisher's exact test.

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