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hep26425-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif247KSupporting Figure 1. Time-dependent effect of sorafenib. Two days after Alexander cells were transfected with wild-type OCT1 or empty vector (Mock) they were exposed to 5 µM sorafenib for the indicated time. Cell viability was determined 72 h after adding the sorafenib to the culture media. Values are means±SD from 4 experiments performed in triplicate. *, p<0.05, as compared with wild-type OCT1.
hep26425-sup-0002-supptab1.doc61KSupporting Table 1. Patient and tumor information
hep26425-sup-0003-supptab2.doc45KSupporting Table 2. Oligonucleotide sequence of specific primers for wild-type OCT1 or its variants used in this study.
hep26425-sup-0004-supptab3.doc55KSupplementary Information
hep26425-sup-0005-supptab4.doc54KSupporting Table 4. Screening of genetic variants affecting the coding sequence of OCT1 in cholangiocarcinoma (CGC) biopsies.

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